Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue - Rescuing Exotic Animals Through Educational Outreach

For inquiries about adoptions please email me at or at Thank you.  DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL APPROVED FOR ADOPTION.

SMALL ANIMALS (no cages available)
Female lionhead bunny (black)
Male lionhead bunny (Siamese look)
5- Baby guinea pigs(Males)
8- Female guinea pigs(4 adult-4 baby)

Brown/yellow kingsnake
5-Ball pythons
2 Boa Constrictors

1 Male adult bearded dragon

2-russian tortoises
2-Juvenile African Spurred tortoises (together)

2 separate pair of yellow Lovebirds with cages
Pair of Lovebirds with cage
Pair of male Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Eurasian Collared Doves(3 female, 4 male)

Send forms to:
1841 Plane Park Dr. Suite A
De Pere, WI 54115

Adoption Form.doc (DOC — 28 KB)

Surrender Form.doc (DOC — 23 KB)
Foster Application.doc (DOC — 29 KB)
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