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Jamie Kozloski  Founder, Director
Jamie Kozloski Founder, Director
Ever since I was a small child I was fascinated with animals. When I was eleven, a family trip to Florida left me with a curiosity for reptiles as I caught Anoles behind the dumpster while my brothers were swimming in the pool like any other normal child would have been doing. That curiosity and love for animals lead me to work at a pet store, intern at the NEW Zoo, earn a Biology degree from the University of WI Green Bay, and work as an animal control intern with the Green Bay Police Department. I also serve as an exotic animal resource for the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Eight years ago I had a vision of creating a facility to keep rescue animals in cage-free, walk-through exhibits where people could see the animals in a more close and personal way in habitats that resemble their natural environments. Ever since I had this notion the name Kingdom Animalia came to mind. I loved the name because in Biology classification, all animals are in the kingdom animalia. The name stuck with me and here I am eight years later finally using it! Years passed and before I knew it I had taken in over 650 exotic animals that had severe malnutrition, broken bones, respiratory infections, and much more. Many of the issues these animals had was due to improper care from owners being uninformed because they didn't read about the animal before buying. These were preventable problems and I was seeing so much suffering, as well as spending thousands of dollars on vet bills, supplies, and food. This is when I felt I had to start correcting the problem beyond the actual rehabilitation. So this is when education and my animal programs became so important to me. I was given the opportunity to present my animals at the YMCA for kid’s summer camp and that was the start to six years of presenting at schools, assisted living facilities, state parks, animal shelters and at community centers for various groups. In 2012 KAEAR partnered with East Central Regional Planning Commission and UW-Sea Grant in efforts to be a resource to take in exotics so they are not released into the environment. We put on Pet Amnesty days as well as participate in the WBAY Pet expo to educate on alternatives to pet release. I can only achieve the success I one day want to gain with the help and support of the people around me. My family has been more than accommodating to my screaming birds, my stampeding tortoises and everything that comes with having a houseful of sick and injured animals. Can you believe my mother said to me once, "If you bring a snake home it’s going back to the store and I am going to fumigate the house". Then one day you get a call from your father while you are at work and he says, "The six-foot Burmese python is on the loose and there is carnage everywhere." Oh how things change. I also want to give recognition to Dr. Sarah Wolfe, DVM at Animal Hospital of De Pere for helping me financially to pay for these animals to get medications, x-rays and for teaching me everything she knows about exotic animal maintenance and rehabilitation. "In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” (Steve Irwin)
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